Studio "12th frame" provides a full range of works of the creation  video products of all trends and styles..The team includes specialists in graphics, sound and light correction, operators, editing directors, script writers and the like.

Over the years, various projects have been created for companies that solve several problems at once: they demonstrate the level of development and prospects, attract new investors, partners and buyers. It is a tool that provides the opportunity to communicate with a wide audience.

Another of the main and interesting areas of our work is the creation of documentaries on various topics.

In 2015-16-ies, our team commissioned by the leadership of the regiment "Dnepr-1" made two tapes from the cycle "Knights of the Sky" - "Ilovaysk" and "Peski".  Films were presented in dozens of cities in Ukraine and abroad. The theme of the war in the west continues the "Parallels" and "Everything will be the Dnipro" tapes.

Promotional video allows you to establish a live contact with the consumer, providing information with elements of intrigue, game and interactive.

It is interesting to work on different topics, because each project is the art of creating a new worldview, expanding the boundaries of our imagination.